Audio Visual Hire

AV hire for parties or events in Leeds.
Find the best equipment for an epic time.

Audio Visual Hire

AV hire for parties or events in Leeds.
Find the best equipment for an epic time.

AV Hire In Leeds

AV Hire From Raptor Sound

Raptor Sound offer high-quality Audio Visual equipment to fill the stage with awesome music and provide an epic experience for everyone. For some of the best parties and events across Leeds and North England, we can help with our services in DJ equipment hire, live sound hire, and wireless microphone hire.

If you are planning a party, birthday, wedding reception, concert, disco or any large stage event, Raptor Sound can cover sound and lighting to ensure your guests have the best time.

Live Sound Hire

For gigs, performances and events large or small, we can provide the best live sound through high-quality audio equipment such as the L'Acoustics ARCs (WiFo) System, outdoor stage hire and the Nexo PS10 Band PA System.

With our extensive live hire portfolio, you can expect to hear the clearest vocals and deepest bass when you hire a sound system from Raptor Sound.


Visit our live sound hire page for more details on the best sound equipment for your next live event.

Laser Light Hire

A quality laser effect adds that little something extra to your show's lighting systems.

For gigs, concerts, parties and wedding receptions, lasers can provide so much to the excitement of your event.

Visit our laser light hire page for more details on how you can improve your upcoming show.

Projector Hire & Screen Hire

At Raptor Sound, we provide high-quality projector and screen systems to suit your presentation or cinema project.

Our equipment is designed to accommodate large audiences and project images, videos and films clearly.

Visit our projector and screen hire page for more details

DJ Equipment Hire

Every awesome party deserves a good DJ and every good DJ deserves the best equipment to make an unforgettable experience. In addition to providing high quality lighting, our DJ systems are more than capable of dispensing clear and epic audio for audiences large or small. For example, our L'Acoustics ARCs (WiFo) DJ System is well equipped to reach up to 3'000 people within an indoor or outdoor venue.


Find our DJ hire equipment page if your event requires excellent audio from a quality system.

Wireless Microphone Hire

The right mic can make all the difference to your event. You may wish to have a band or have guests engage in a little karaoke. Whatever you desire, a wireless microphone will make it more convenient for anyone singing on stage.

At Raptor Sound, we provide a range of wired and wireless microphones suitable for singers, entertainers, wedding speeches public announcements and bands.


To find the right microphone for your event, see our wireless microphone page.

Audio Equipment Hire For Weddings

A wedding is an occasion that you will never forget, therefore, the reception should be just as memorable. With an audio system from Raptor Sound, you and your significant other can have the first dance with clear quality music that makes the day just a little more special.

We provide DJ equipment, iPod music system hire, PA system hire (live music) and wireless microphone hire for congratulatory messages and wedding speeches.


Learn more on our wedding audio equipment page and start planning for a day to remember.

Stage Hire

Some of the best and biggest events in Leeds and North England need a proper stage. For audiences that require an indoor or outdoor space, Raptor Sound can provide a stage suitable for all necessary lighting and audio equipment. Our experienced team will ensure you have the right stage and systems to complete your live concert, gig or festival.


See our stage hire page for more information on what you may need for your big event.

PA System Hire

Public announcements require the proper audio system, especially if you are addressing a large crowd of people. As well as music and performance events, Raptor Sound also caters to clients in need of the right equipment to conduct public speaking and conferences. For audiences big or small, we can provide lighting, sound, screens, microphones, staging and a crew. It all depends on the event you are having.


See our conferences page for further details on PA System hire.

PA Lighting & Disco Light Hire

Adding light to any event can do wonders. Whether it is for business or entertainment, a quality lighting system can keep the audience focussed on the stage and what is happening on it. At Raptor Sound, we have a range of equipment to suit any occasion such as the Chauvet FreedomPar Uplighter and the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED150.

Visit our lighting hire page to find the right lights to brighten the stage.

Audio Visual Hire
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Audio Visual Hire
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